Tuesday, February 24, 2015


WARNING: This is a challenge to be done when you have more time than usual, as well as A LOT of energy. 

Warm Up: 

Jump Rope

1:00 Alternating Feet, mild-medium pace
1:00 Two Footed Basic Jump
1:00 Alternating Feet
:30 Side-to-Side
:30 Front-to-Back
1:00 Alternating Feet, fast pace
1: Alternating Feet, slow pace


5 Minute Plank Challenge

1:00 Elbow Plank
:30 High Plank
:30 Left Side Plank
:30 Left Leg Raised
:30 Right Side Plank
:30 Right Leg Raised
:30 High Plank
1:00 Elbow Plank

*If you need to rest at all, just pause the timer, rest, start it again and resume where you left off.

Cool Down (but really just an extension of the workout):

Crunches (or sit-ups) for the length of one song.
20 Bicycle Crunches
15 Russian Twists
10 Starfish Crunches
5 V-ups

5:00 Yoga Flow

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