Monday, February 2, 2015

CHALLENGE: Stair Workout by Shay

Start doing a weekly "challenge" with your friends. Send out an email/text to your closest buddies or family members and challenge them to complete the following workout at least once before the end of the week. Make it a weekly thing, have a different person choose the challenge each week... Take selfies if you must.

You will need to find a set of stairs with 5 flights or more, I used the stairwell in my apartment building. If this is not possible, just alter the workout so it works with whatever staircase you do have access to.

Warm up:

For roughly the length of one song (or 3-4 minutes) run up and down all five (or more) flights. Average pace, do not sprint and do not walk. AMRAP for one entire song.


(1) Sprint (run as fast as you can) up all five flights and then run/walk down.

(2) Sprint all five flights again, this time skipping every other step, then walk/run back down.

(3) HIIT: Utilizing only one flight of stairs, sprint up and down for one full minute without stopping (high intensity). At low intensity walk/jog up and down one flight for one minute. Repeat x3.

Cool down:

Run up all five flights of stairs at a medium pace, and back down. Then, run up four flights, then three flights, and so on.

I did this on Friday as a warmup for an ab workout. My calves were super sore both yesterday and today, and I was a sweaty mess by the end of it! I just had to share, so I emailed it to my girls and gave them one week to complete it. I am hoping we can make it a weekly thing and keep the challenge going to motivate each other. Try doing the same with your friends, I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!!


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