Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Training in the CO-week 6!

Well here we are with week six in our rearview. The time seems like it is going faster every week. I just asked P what week we were headed into. He said, “Uh… week 5??” Nope, embarking on the seventh!

I am writing this post from the shotgun seat of his truck as we drive down Deer Creek Canyon in Conifer, Colorado and I don’t know if I could be happier. This morning we woke up and debated whether to run the 9 miles we ended up skipping on Saturday… We decided there wasn’t time this morning and since I leave tomorrow morning we needed to get some visits with family in instead. I have found skipping runs and getting off track with our Nike + Training program is something I struggle with. I hate knowing I was supposed to do something and I didn’t. However, I just keep reminding myself of the priorities in my life and the aspects I value most. Relationships with family and friends trumps physical fitness. Though I think you can guess that being healthy and fit is important to me, none of it would matter without the ones I love. 

As I mentioned last week, one of my most dear friends was married on Saturday in the most touching and stunningly beautiful ceremony, to an incredible, generous, and kind man. I was blessed and honored to be able to stand next to her in support and love. The day was absolutely lovely, and the night was a blast. Obviously, a run was the last thing on my mind. 

Anyway, we did do a little yoga this morning (see the timelapse we shot on Instagram!) followed by a kettle bell workout and body weight exercises and decided to run 9 miles rather than 7 tomorrow. I am hoping the 25 pound weight wasn’t overkill for me. I tried to keep up with Patrick, but let’s face it, I have to accept my smaller female stature and do my best to take it easy since I have no intentions of building arms like his!


I ran all of the runs with the exception of Saturday this week. Including a four mile jaunt in Bear Creek Lake Park with P on Friday before the wedding rehearsal. My body felt awesome, but my lungs felt the altitude. I don’t really think it’s fair I don’t get to be used to the altitude forever since I grew up a mile high, but whatever.


The overwhelming theme for me this week was looking forward to running with Shay. Like she said, we were able to do so on Friday. I was curious to see whether I actually had the upper hand on her because of my residence at high altitude. As I should have assumed, she kept it close.

 She admitted the last mile was a struggle, but I couldn’t tell. Something I did not anticipate was the difficulty of adapting to our individual comfort zone paces. We were slightly irritated with each other in this way, but like anything I think it will just take some getting used to. We wanted to run side-by-side as we were running within an hour of our reunion (after almost 3 full months of being apart), but as time goes on i’m sure I’ll be more willing to be out of arms reach of her.

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