Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week Four. Ugh.

The title should let you know how this week went but if not I can elaborate a bit: It did not go well.

Let's back up to Monday. I followed my own advice and took the time to stretch properly before my run, to center my mind, and to fuel up properly ahead of time. I started my run and felt great, I was maintaining a faster pace than normal and despite the hot sun I felt well hydrated. I was passing everyone and my running confidence was peaking.

Then, (might as well be literally) I bit the dust. I stepped on the edge of a deep groove/hole in the trail and rolled my ankle. I fell and was in severe pain for several seconds and had to stay down for quite awhile before hobbling over to get a drink of water (in hindsight, it was probably a pretty funny fall... full tumble and slide). Unfortunately, this happened at the halfway point in my run so I was as far away from home as I would be that day and had to make a decision about whether to run back or not. If you know me well you can probably guess I ended up running, and my final mile was my fastest mile despite the mishap. The whole way back I really thought I might be just fine, and maybe the pain hadn't been as bad as I thought. Unfortunately, it was probably just loosened tendons and adrenaline keeping me pain free at that point.

When I got home I iced my ankle, of course and spent a good amount of time with it elevated, etc. But my day of cleaning had to go on, and so it did. That night, I went to watch the Rockies play the Cubs at Wrigley. On the trek home the pain in my ankle reached a high point, but the next morning I was ready to run again... Don't worry, I didn't. I am lucky enough to have a training buddy to talk me out of such nonsense. The decision was made that we would crosstrain for the rest of the week and pick up on Monday with running. I hate to say it, because I was not an advocate of this decision at first, but I think it was for the best. I got some bike rides in, and spent the weekend at a little music festival (Lollapalooza... have ya heard of it?) with my wonderful music lover of a sister, so I think that was enough physical therapy for my ankle in itself.

Monday night, I asked P whether he wanted to continue to train the rest of the week without me and he said he wouldn't mind sitting a few runs out with me, as support. He knew how much it hurt my spirit to miss days of training, and him sticking by my side really made a big difference in the bummer effect for me. It would have killed me to know he was running everyday and I was left helpless on the sideline. Truth be told, I probably would have just sucked it up and run if he kept training, I don't have that kind of will power. What a great guy he is! Another positive that came of it was he cleaned and fixed up his mountain bike (pictured below), and rode for the first time in years. Also, he is doing the Rugged Maniac today, so resting a bit in the week leading up to it will possibly help his time (he is running as I post this... wish him good luck!)

I absolutely hate we had to miss a week, and am trying not to beat myself up about it. Really, I am just ready to get back to it, full force. My ankle is looking great today and feeling as strong as can be expected. We only have to run four miles tomorrow so I think it will be good to ease back in... Of course, I will be stopping at the first sign of  pain. Here are the splits from my one and only run, the worst part is I felt great before I fell, I thought I had an awesome week of training ahead of me:

As I thought about the post for this week, I envisioned something short and sweet since there was only one run to speak of. In actuality, I am having a more difficult time coming up with words. The three miles I did run felt pretty good, but like Shay, this was the worst week so far for me due to my lack of control of the situation and how bad I felt for Shay. We debated how to handle the injury quite a bit and decided it would be best if she sat the week out, and since we are partners I decided to do so as well. After all, we are in this together, and some rest wouldn't hurt me either. Looking back on what started as a negative feeling, is a positive week. Not only did I get back on a bike, but my motivation to train is renewed. I think I will use biking to cross-train more frequently, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I truly believe set-backs can be a good thing in the end, resetting our perspective and renewing our motivation. Here is my fixed up ride, and my half-marathon course map!

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