Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Okay so I realize it's Wednesday of the peak week and I have failed to post a summary of the ninth week. What's worse is we have only managed to run 4 miles in the past few days. I am in Colorado though so, sorry I'm not sorry.

I got into DIA on Saturday and P swooped me up and we headed straight to a campsite set up by my wonderful parents near Brainard Lake, West of Boulder, North of Nederland. We pretty much just ate and went to bed the first night, but Sunday was packed with adventure and fun including a 6 (ish) mile hike and ATV riding.

P brought his (our) puppy, Griffey which was a bit nerve wracking because of his sometimes aggressive temperament when it comes to other adult males. To our surprise he did just fine, with only a couple minor freak-outs, one in which he went so far as to bite my dad's pants, ha! My brother's dog Rio was with us as well, and though he no longer shares Griffey's playfulness, he was a good sport too.

On Monday we headed back down from the mountains, and successfully completed a 180 degree turnaround in terms of appearance, and attended my sweet aunt's wedding in Arvada, Colorado. It was lovely, and P got to meet a lot of my mom's side of the family.

Last but not least, yesterday we were able to run about 4 miles in Golden among beautiful mountain views and along Clear Creek. Honestly, we are both still so tired from the 12 miler we did on Saturday morning (before I left Chicago), and the hike on Sunday and just need some rest and relaxation. Afterward, Patrick made an executive decision we would have pizza while we did our, wait for it... Fantasy football draft!!! That's right folks, football is back this weekend. I really don't think I could be more excited for it, especially given the fact I have not had a chance to watch any of the preseason games.  I'm looking forward to writing more about football in the next few weeks... not that I am getting sick of talking about running or anything (ugh!)

ANYWAY! Like I said above, we ran 12 miles on Saturday!! Patrick has been confident in our ability to finish this thing for a few weeks now, but I think this week really solidified that fact for me. Unfortunately, with 2-3 miles to go during the 12, my hip was in pretty serious pain and I had to take it very slow, another reason I am okay with taking it easy this week. The hip still hurts, but the run yesterday was fine as soon as I got into a rhythm. Still more difficult at altitude, but I managed.

Something I have begun to accept is the soreness, and pain that ensues after each run. For awhile I was concerned it was just me...that maybe my body was just not suited for this sport. I still don't really think it is, but my ability to bounce back and run with very little rest in between is actually tremendously encouraging with regard to the level of fitness I have achieved. At this point, I think we are both physically prepared and it is all mental. We just need to believe in ourselves, and I need to overcome the boredom (which I will say is less of a factor on the long runs than I would have ever imagined... It's like my mind is able to be elsewhere, I don't quite understand it, but it is what it is).

*I decided to give P a break this week. Hopefully we are able to spend more time running before I leave, but we are trying to cherish the present and spend quality time with each other and family, so we are playing it by ear! Have a lovely week :)

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