Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Excuses

I have been so busy you guys. So busy. Sometimes I think about quitting my job and just writing this blog full time, but I suppose that's less than realistic. I have all these ideas about topics, and new sections I could add, and different content to post, but when? Sorry for complaining, it's just, I love sports. I love psychology. I love sports psychology... and running... and yoga... and competition... and handstands for goodness sake! There is just so much to be said!

Last week I wanted to post about the Broncos big win over Green Bay, I was so pumped, started writing about it, got distracted, didn't finish. Before I knew it, another Sunday had passed and the damn Broncos, they lost. So much for that huh?

NBA and NCAA basketball have both officially begun their seasons, and I am very excited about that. P and I are playing fantasy basketball  (he's playing... I'm keeping an eye on his team though, wink). It's A LOT of work, but like fantasy football, it's a good way to keep up on the league--who's playing well, and not-so-much, who's injured, etc. I like it.

Has this been completely unorganized enough for people?? Well welcome to my life. My point is: I have many things I want to put out into the world, and zero time to make it happen. While I care deeply about sending off my thoughts, I care a good deal more about the life that fuels those thoughts. I have to maintain a fit lifestyle in order to feel justified about preaching about it (haha).

Something I read over and over again in articles titled something like, "How to Get Fit" or "Things Top Athletes Do" or "Do This, Not That" is to really get into shape you have to, stop making excuses--It's a cliche because, duh.

So that's where I'm at right now... It seems like, "I have to write about the psychological aspects of fitness" is a LAME excuse for not working out. No one wants to read about staying active and being fit, written by someone who isn't active and fit, am I right? So for me, NO EXCUSES, and no excuses means if I have to choose between writing, and working out, I gotta choose the activity that makes me sweat.

Similarly, reading about being fit, is not helping YOU get fit... Although, if you're like me, finding new tips from others, discovering a variety of workouts and workout regimens, and learning the struggles even top athletes share, can be a major motivational factor... Plus, knowledge is power :) So, yes, I do think there is value in the time spent thinking about fitness, but obviously the key is using that time productively and strategically to work for you.

My advice based solely on what works best for me, is to come up with a few lists, (written, or just mentally) of life tasks. Start with a list of things you absolutely have to do each week. For example:

  • Sleep (~56 hrs)
  • Eat (~11 hrs)
  • Work (~30 hrs)
  • School (~20 hrs)
  • Commute (~5 hrs)
  • Grocery shopping (~1 hr)
    • TOTAL = 123
Then, come up with another list detailing the things you want to do every week:
  • Visit family members (~6 hrs)
  • Hang out with friends (~10 hrs)*
  • Workout (~3 hrs)
  • Yoga (~3 hrs)
  • Run (~2 hrs)
  • Walk (~3 hrs)
  • Blog (~3 hrs)
  • Read (~2 hr)
  • Watch TV (~8 hrs [this only accounts for one hour per week night and one football game on Sunday])* 
  • Go out to eat (~4 hrs)*
  • Video/online games [fantasy football perhaps?] (~2 hrs)
  • Shopping (~1 hr)
  • Social media (~5 hrs [one hour per day... let's be honest, people])*
    • TOTAL = 52

*My guess is this is a low-end estimate for a lot of us (in some cases, like social media: yikes!)

Make sure to be realistic about how much time you are spending on each activity. As you can see from the above example, these activities would encompass approximately 175 hours per week, which again, I believe is a low estimate, but still more time than we have total. Therefore, we are forced to prioritize our time.

The next step is to put these activities in order of importance to you. The list above reflects the order of importance in my life. Items at the bottom of the list are those you might want to consider eliminating to account for more important activities. Often, the items at the top of the list, or the items on the "have to" list will take up more time than you expect them to. During those hectic weeks you will have to stick to your guns about the items topping the "want to" list, and focus on them first.

No excuses. If you want to live a lifestyle of fitness, it has got to be a priority. Furthermore, you have to recognize opportunities for fitness in your everyday life. One of the items near the top of my list is walking, but it's difficult to find an evening when I get off work early enough to go for a stroll before it gets dark. Therefore, I have to incorporate a walk into my daily activities. Sometimes I walk to the grocery store if I only need a few things. I also walk or even run to work if the opportunity presents itself. I know what you're thinking... "Ew, sweaty", but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If you have a job where being sweaty and smelly is not an option, keep wet ones and deodorant handy. It's really that simple, folks. If you care enough, you'll make it happen.

I would LOVE to hear simple ideas like this that you make work in your busy life... comment below! Another post listing a bunch of these ideas for convenience might be fun.

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