Monday, December 14, 2015

Excuses: A Follow-Up To "No Excuses"

A friend from Denver sent me a text Saturday morning asking if I was running the, "Ugly Sweater Run." My response: "I am not! Never even heard of such a thing."

Basically, since the last time I mentioned running in the blog, it has been a once-a-week, IF it looks nice outside, and is above 45 degrees, I'll think about going for a run... and even when I consider it, it only actually happens about 75% of the time.

When it comes to running, I have my excuses. It has occurred to me, those of you who are avid runners might be thinking about how this blog was almost solely dedicated to half-marathon training over the summer, and now: nothin'. I don't mean to disappoint you, it's simply, I am not and have never claimed to be, "a runner." I am always impressed by all of you out there on the Lake Shore Path with your winter running gear, and positive attitude... It's just not for me. Don't get me wrong I love the outdoors, and outdoor sports even. Hell, I would snowboard every single day in the winter if I could, but running in the cold... Just, no thank you.

It's funny because the last few weeks I have been feeling like such a hypocrite. I'm always preaching, "no excuses" when it comes to fitness and here I am, looking out my window each morning and thinking, "too cold for a run." So I mentioned my guilt to P and asked if he feels the same way and he pointed out that even if I am not getting out for a run, it's not like I'm sitting on my butt when I'm inside. In fact, he thinks we are both in better shape now than when we were running 20 miles a week over the summer. He's sure we burn more calories in the three resistance, two low impact, two HIIT, and at least two yoga sessions we've been doing each week.

Come to think of it, he's right. Also, while I can't attest to Patrick's eating habits, I know mine have been a million times better in the past two months. Paleo on fleek... at least during the week (see what I did there?)

So tell me, what are some of your excuses? Really... do you have some legit ones? I know I make them all the time, but something I am very proud of is my ability to keep myself in check when it comes to making excuses about physical activity. If I bail on one thing, I will make it up two-fold with another. I find a way to work exercise into my crazy hectic life... and it's not easy, but it keeps me sane, and I challenge anyone to give me an excuse I can't counter with a productive tip.

Some excuses I've heard from acquaintances/friends/relatives, that I am not about:

I can't afford a gym membershipThen don't go to the gym! I don't have a gym membership and work out almost daily... You only need enough floor space to fit a yoga mat, or you can work out in your yard or a park.
I don't need to lose weightLosing weight is not all physical activity is good for. It's about improving health overall. Cardiovascular movement is good for your heart's longevity, and let's be honest, toned muscles > skinny limbs.
My job is a workoutGreat! Then you're well on you way to getting fit! However, if you are doing the same movement everyday, you are not improving your fitness you're just maintaining a higher baseline than a sedentary person.
I eat healthily, so I don't need to workoutMaintaining a healthful diet is irreplaceable, but again, you're not doing anything for your cardiovascular system. The heart is a muscle and to be strong, it needs to be worked out!
I workout so I don't need to eat healthilyAlso a great start! However, you'll give yourself a huge advantage if you start putting the right things in your body to fuel your workouts. I'm not saying you shouldn't indulge now and then, but I guarantee you'll notice a difference in what you're able to do, physically, if you improve your diet.
I don't have anyone to workout withYou can join a fitness group, class, or meet-up! If you're in Chicago, I'll personally work out with you. Also, don't underestimate the benefits of using your work out time as "me" time. Sometimes, I just need to get away and my favorite thing to throw myself into is a sweat sesh.
I don't have time (my personal fave)Listen, I LOVE it when people tell me they don't have time. I am in graduate school, have two jobs,babysit on weekends, maintain this blog (a full-time job in itself), make time for family and friends, and a plethora of other pleasure activities AND I work out close to every single day. You can fit it in. For example, if I have a full day of errands, I will get my workout in by running from errand to errand instead of driving or taking public transit... a lot of times, it's faster anyway. Working long hours? I will eat at my desk and then use my lunch hour to burn some cals!

Over the weekend, I attended a blogger holiday party, (hosted by the lovey author of The Crafty Coin). Each guest was to bring a gift priced at $10. I brought the, "No Excuses Starter Kit":

No Excuses Starter Kit: Sports towel, facial wipes, and body deodorant!
Fear of being smelly is the last thing that should prevent a workout! If you're on the go, pick up these items ($10 all together), get your fit i,n and then freshen up afterward.

I would be happy to provide more tips! If you have an "excuse" throw it at me, and I'll help you find a workable solution! Happy Monday, NO EXCUSES!

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